India Culture Interview


wb01542_.gif (729 bytes)   The recording for this interview was not available for transcription, so this written version is presented.

1. Culturally, what have you gained both positive and negative during your stay in the US?

In US some positive gains for me are to communicate smoothly and politely with people. Learnt to say sorry and thank you more often and for small mistakes and gratitudes respectively. Another simple example is to wait and hold the doorway in the hall for other people, which makes them more comfortable and happy.

Negative aspects from cultural point of view is that we may get offended or not be greeted properly if you go to someone's house without prior appointment or phone call. In India, this is not the case. People will always greet you when someone visits suddenly at least in most cases.

2. If you were to conduct a seminar entitled "How to do business in India,"what cultural advise would you give to US Americans ?

I would advise to Americans is not to be very uptight. Loosen up and mingle with other people. Understand the mentality of people, don not have in mind only the business aspects of life, be more open. Respect their religion whatever religion people belong to. Understand their way of living, which is not at all as comforting as here, at least for majority of the people.


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